Many of you have been asking us about when the online version of this Marketing Festival will be held.

We initially wanted to use the same production team responsible for our documentary Making a Marketer and have them travel the world again. When we came up with this scheme, it seemed to us like travel restrictions may be eased within a month or two and – well let’s just say that’s not happening any time soon. Under no circumstances do we want the online Festival to be held in autumn, so we’ve decided to take a different path. Along with our production partner, FULLART studio, we are building remote production crews based in the USA & UK that will record our speakers’ lectures without us having to risk the entire shoot just because someone wasn’t admitted during a border check. 

So the NYC team will be directed by acclaimed filmmaker Terry Stavoe, and Jordan McKellar, a rising star among UK’s video producers, will direct the production in England. Meanwhile, our team will still have a firm grasp on the content direction of individual lectures. And since the production teams won’t be limited by air travel, we can bring the overall quality up even more and get the most out of our new format. 

Speaking of content, the lectures presented will of course slightly differ from what we originally intended to present at the Festival stage. We want to offer meaningful insights to marketers who will need to tackle the challenges presented by this crisis and enable us all to move forward, once it’s over. Our video portal is also undergoing a little rebuilding so that it can withstand the shift of the entire Festival online – including the possibility to ask speakers questions

And now to the most important bit. When?

All our speakers live in cities most severely impacted by the crisis. Therefore, we are very cautious in our planning & aware that things may change very quickly. But we do expect the filming could start in late May, followed by about a month of post-production. So that by the beginning of July, we can all dive deep into the lectures and discuss with our speakers. 

And we’d also like to add a cherry on top. When we edited the material shot for Making a Marketer, a lot of it was left on the proverbial editing room floor. We didn’t intend to release the entire interviews the way we shot them, but given the current situation, you can expect the full interviews with our speakers to be released in the coming weeks. We’ll start with Tom Goodwin today and we hope you’ll enjoy it! 

Thank you for everything. 

Your #mktfest team

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